The Biochemical property of Bio-Clean


Test result

Specific Gravity Nigh 1
Consistency below 400cps
Maximum temperature under 300°C
The Acute Toxicity Test (LD50) Non-Toxic
Legionella Pneumophila Test With Inhibitory effect
Escherichia coli Test With Inhibitory effect
Staphylococcus aureus Test With Inhibitory effect
Bacillus subtilis Test With Inhibitory effect
Eye Stimulation Test Bland
Animal Skin Hypersensitivity Test Bland

Characteristics of Bio-Clean

Chemicophysics Treatment

Biotechnology Treatment

Applying chemical bactericide and algaecide to kill bios is just a vicious circle, which produces R factor bios group and makes the problem more though. With the film interfacing of Bio-NAMO to isolate and solve the bacteria adhesive or the tough dirt and corrosion…etc. difficult problems. Also suppress the development of Legionella disease.
Expense fee is calculated base on Gross water capacity, so that the cost is high and the environmental impact is big as well. The treatment between tube inner surfaces and water is economically real benefit.
Toxic chemical ingredient might cause the second environment pollution. Nice environment compatibility won’t cause environmental accumulation.
Acid-refined would cause corrosion, and scrub with rubber ball would also scratch the protected film. None interference to the piping material and the water quality.
The bio-film protein oxidized become denatured metaprotein, it makes the treatment   more difficult. Maintaining the nature bio-film protein structure would be easily cleaned.
The large tough dirt avulse instantaneously clogged the pipelines. The film penetratingly dispersed so that won’t clog the pipelines.
The waste liquid requires extra expense for disposal. By adding small amount can be discharged directly.
The standard of Water quality is high due to concentrated multiplier limit, and the effect of seawater is poor. By loosening the concentrated multiplier limit, the standard of water quality is lower and the effect of seawater is better.

The comparison of cooling water treatment


Before treatment

General treatment

Bio-Clean Pipeline

Environment Compatibility Forcing house for bacillus Water quality become crossresistant easily, and discharge water with toxic. Thru LD50 test and certified by CNLA Lab, it’s Nontoxic and very good companionability to environment.
Anti fouling NONE FAIR By film infiltrate, dissolved, dispersed and cleanout the fouling

Anti corrosion

NONE Invalid to some metal and metalloid. Effective to all kinds of material and can form an entire protection for pipeline.
Anti lichenous and Inhibit bacillus , Legionella Pneumophla and Algae


Remove algae instantly, but easily clogged up, also with strongly antibacterial , but effect crossresistant easilyas well. Peeling gradually, no need to change water, and strongly antibacterial with no derivative side effect. Also can effectively inhibit against Legionella Pneumophla.

Water Quality Watch & Contro

NONE Require an online monitor, so the operation will be complicated. No need any Monitor equipment.
Dosage Method NONE Require a specific equipment and storage so that there’s public safety worry. Regularly add to cooling tower, so no storage concern.


Energy saving POOR FAIR Around 10%
Water Saving NONE


Saved 20% up, and applicable to any Water quality


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