The specific efficacy of Bio-Clean 

  1. Corrosion prevention and cure: Any facilities of metal or nonmetallic tubularity, such as Iron, copper, steel, titanium alloy, tempered glass fiber, cement piping aqueduct…etc., Bio-clean can clean up the inhabited rusty oxide and slack the constantly dissolutive corrosion. Meanwhile, it can form a whole pipeline protection.
  2. Scale prevention and cure: Bio-clean it works by straticulate penetration, dissolving away, dispersing the inhabited scale. It won’t cause canaliculus plugging and can further avoid pipeline plugged, besides, to prevent the second fouling on tube inner surface.
  3. Microbial slime prevention and cure: By dispelling the inserted microbial slime on tube inner surface, and eradicating corrosion and Legionella Pneumophila which caused by microbe.
  4. The effect upgrade of Heat exchanger: By dispelling smudge bio-film and reinforce the condensed effect of heat exchange.
  5. Minify the electric conductance of water: By preventing the redox corrosion.
  6. Minify the muddy substance of water: By upgrade the cleanliness of water.
  7. Excellent environment companionability: Under physical environment, just require a several hours during decomposing period of half capacity. It won’t accumulate or cause any environmental impact.
The structure bio-film on the tube inner surfaces and the sketch map of corrosion

The specification of Bio-Clean   

  1. Appearance: Liquid and Solid state two kinds.
  2. Dissolubility: Excellent water intersolubility.
  3. Combustibility: Incombustible under normal state.
  4. Explosive: Inexplosive, only suggest not to mix with the Chlorine detergent, Acid lotion or Organic solvent.
  5. Splash dispersiveness: It’s not splashy, only suggest in case of contact to eyes or to skin, rinses thoroughly with tap water at once.
  6. Storage stability : Keep in cooling place of indoor temperature, it’s preservable for 18 months.
  7. Others:
    (1) Not foodstuff, it’s a general industrial product and inedible, cannot be applied directly on the equipment of the victualage or beverage kinds.
    (2) Foodstuff, it can be applicable to drinking water, swimming pool, and SPA…etc.

The Main Ingredient of Bio-Clean

  1. NANO-film lining agents
  2. Bio-dispersion agents
  3. Surface wetting agents
  4. Bio-inhibitors
  5. Enzyme activators
  6. Corrosion inhibitors
  7. Scale softeners
  8. Botanical essential oils
  9. Green detergents

The Integrate Benefit of Bio-Clean

  1. it’s Nontoxic, and also it’s very good companionability to environment so that will not cause any environmental pollution.
  2. It can prevent fouling formed.
  3. It formed an entire protection for tube inner surface from corrosion, and can Anti lichenous and Inhibit bacillus, Legionella Pneumophla and Algae
  4. No need any special dosage operation or any monitor equipment for water quality.
  5. It’s Applicable to every kind of watering, such as freshwater, seawater, running surface water, cooling water, background water, waste water, and underground water…etc.
  6. It maintained the Thermal conductivity, and prevented high pressure being over loaded.
  7. It saved electricity charge in heat exchange system about 10%.
  8. It reduced the frequency in changing water.
  9. It reduced the number of times in acid-refined.
Before using Bio-Clean After using Bio-Clean

The Application range of Bio-Clean

  • For All kind of liquid pipeline equipment (Including freshwater, seawater, wastewater, underground water…etc.)
  • Central Control Air-condition Cooling water Tower
  • Ice water maker
  • Cooling mechanics
  • Air compressor equipment
  • Heat exchange equipment
  • Biological wastewater dripping filter tower and Biological rotary plate
  • Cooling system of Generator
  • Firefighting pipeline system equipment
  • Frozen pipeline system equipment
  • Swimming pool and SPA
  • Water supply equipment in Manufacturing process system
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